Multifunctional tool "Beautiful Eyes"

That is why the creation of the multi-functional product "GREAT EYES" - a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous agent that triggers regeneration processes and prevents the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes - was the logical continuation of the assortment of smart products for the health of the whole body from the "Dana" company.

The principle of action
The multifunctional tool "GREAT EYES" has a complex effect on the organs of vision:
  • effectively fights inflammatory and infectious processes;
  • improves blood microcirculation;
  • stimulates the synthesis of intraocular fluid;
  • cleans the surface of the visual organs;
  • reduces the light sensitivity of the eyes;
  • removes redness from the eyes, eliminates itching and burning sensation;
  • positively affects the state of eye vessels, strengthens them, makes them more elastic;
  • is an excellent prevention of many diseases of the visual organs, which strengthens the retina;
  • increases eye muscle tone;
  • cleans cells and tissues from impurities and toxic substances;
  • accelerates regeneration processes, increases protective properties.