"Aquagema" smart water is the key to the divine standard of health and longevity.
provides a healing effect at the cellular level, restoring the harmony and perfection of your body from the inside.
What is the uniqueness?
Of course, none of the existing companies in the world will reveal their technological innovation secrets to interested users. However, we can indicate the directions in which our innovative technologies work.
  • Structuring of water without changing its chemical composition
    We work with semi-precious and precious stones that bring positive information to the structure of water.
  • Use of rough diamonds
    Our waters are structured thanks to the influence of valuable crystals, among which rough diamonds are the most powerful, which helps to increase their healing properties.
  • Processing on advanced equipment
    Our water is treated on equipment that uses subtle fields of a non-electromagnetic nature, which allows us to harmonize any energy that damages the energy balance of the human system.
  • Know-how of "Dana" company
    The stage that guarantees the comprehensiveness and quality of our product. Thanks to this, we offer you unique products with strong healing properties that ensure health and harmony.
Product benefits
Aquagema's smart water activator solves various problems.
This is Smart water. This is smart water! It tunes in to a person's problem and exerts a selective influence on it, some of the common areas of health in which it helps:
  1. Solutions to problems with blood pressure: improves the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, has a positive effect on blood vessels.
  2. Help in the fight against excess weight: normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins from the body, improves the work of the kidneys, reduces edema, has an antiparasitic effect, stabilizes the work of the thyroid gland.
  3. Help with diseases of the liver and biliary tract: improves the functioning of the liver, has hepatoprotective and choleretic properties, activates liver detoxification.
Our products
Join in!
After experiencing the healing effect of our products, there may be a desire to spread them, it is for such cases that we have a partner program with special prices.
28 years old
I work as a mechanic. I often get sick with colds. After 4 days from the start of taking Aquahema, sharp pain appeared and stones came out of both kidneys. I didn't even suspect that I had kidney stones! (Conclusion of the ultrasound examination confirmed the presence of sand and microliths) Today, the sand has come out completely, the inflammation has been removed.
I continue the reception.
I want to share the result of using AQUAGEMA smart water by my friend's husband.
Suffered 2 strokes and inarkt - was motionless. At first, the friend gave Akwagem against his consent: the man did not believe, grumbled why she was giving him some water. Currently, he is already finishing the second bottle - as he wishes! Because the result surprised even an ardent skeptic! He not only got to his feet, but he is already approaching the window, goes to the kitchen, lifts his leg over the threshold, sits down himself. And he even refuses to help (the man is powerful) and says: "I am alone." And now he said to order Akwagema for himself and his wife. Even in his mind, something has changed, because he was always very selfish.
I have been taking Aquagem death water since June 2018. I wanted to sleep a lot for a week (I hadn't slept for a long time before that). In the future, I sleep the same 5 hours a day, but there is no fatigue. A powerful cleansing of the body was noted. I noticed that now I can get up easily in the morning, but before I got up slowly, because I felt dizzy when I got up suddenly. Chronic fatigue has passed. I thank the "Dana" company!
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