Smart water "Aquaherba"

  • stimulates flowering and fruiting;
  • promotes better assimilation of nutrients by plants;
  • acts as a natural activator of vitality;
  • Significantly accelerates the process of photosynthesis;
  • Increases plant immunity to diseases;
  • improves the taste and useful properties of vegetables and fruits;
  • Increases the quality of the harvest and extends its storage period;
  • Ensures obtaining ecologically clean products.

Aquaherb activator acts as:
  • Adaptogen - adapts the plant to adverse weather conditions;
  • Cryoprotector - the plant tolerates short-term frosts and temperature drops;
  • Disease inhibitor – strengthens the immune system and reduces plant diseases;
  • Soil activator - promotes the development of the root system;
  • Anti-stress - adapts the plant to stressful situations of various nature.
  • Use this highly effective natural plant growth activator in the backyard, and we will rejoice with you in your bountiful harvest!