"Dana Vita" water purifier

It is recommended to stand for 10-12 hours, but if you do not have this opportunity, you can use water purified with the help of the DANA VITA water purifier after 60 minutes. The main processes of cleaning from harmful elements and impurities occur in the first hour of interaction with the water purifier, then the formed flakes thicken and settle.

If you still decide to drain the water after 60 minutes, we recommend passing it through a cotton cosmetic disc (it will serve as an additional filter).

The full cycle of water purification (12 hours) also has an energy-informational component, which allows you to remove all the negative memory of water.

Water purifier "DANA VITA" is profitable!

Bottle "DANA VITA" - allows you to get about 400 liters. clean and healthy water for the whole family. Enjoy the impeccable taste of living water, prepared with your own hands!