Aqualim smart water

Aqualim helps to actively remove toxins from the intercellular space. Just a few ml. Aqualima a day, taken according to the scheme, will not only cleanse the lymph of toxins, but also strengthen immunity, which will really and quickly increase the body's defenses. You will be protected from all negative effects of the environment, both biological and man-made.

Regular use of the multifunctional product AQUALIM:

• helps to cleanse the lymph;
• improves lymphatic drainage and has a detoxifying effect;
• supports stable lymph circulation;
• strengthens immunity;
• promotes the removal of toxins from the intercellular space, which relieves the burden on other organs of the excretory system (liver, kidneys, intestines);
• strengthens the body's defenses;
• prevents the accumulation of poisons and toxins in the body;
• promotes good assimilation of useful substances;
• strengthens the function of all allocation systems;
• normalizes sleep;
• improves memory;