Extract of fulvic acids "Leomin Fulvic Acid"

has a pronounced effect associated with the general improvement of the body, consistent rescue from the most complex chronic diseases.

The human body is the most complex mechanism. The most modern human inventions seem like children's toys compared to our body. Millions of chemical and biological reactions take place in it every minute.

Some of the chemical compounds and elements necessary in the process of vital activity are produced by the body on its own. Other useful substances, for example, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron and others), come to us together with food and water. However, not all minerals can be absorbed at the cellular level due to the large molecular weight, which prevents the penetration of useful substances through the cell wall.

Fulvic acid is a substance that can cope with a difficult task: to transform vitamins and minerals into a form easily accessible to humans, which ensures maximum effectiveness of nutrients. Due to its low molecular weight, it is biologically very active. Fulvic acid reacts with minerals and breaks them down into ionic-sized particles (smallest form), which are the smallest possible forms. In the smallest form, they are easily absorbed and spread throughout all cells. Yes, saturated with useful substances and ions, fulvic acid is an excellent conductor for vitamins and minerals in the human body. When it is added to the daily diet, the percentage of absorption of bioactive substances at the cellular level increases to 98%.

Fulvic acid contains photon energy from the sun, which is converted into chemical energy. This chemical energy is the fuel that strengthens the cells. Scientists categorically state: without fulvic acid, no life on Earth would be possible. It is the most powerful healing agent and can change our health regardless of its current state.

Fulvic acid is a component found in humic substances, as well as in some rare deposits of organic fulvates. It is produced in extremely small quantities by the influence of billions upon billions of microscopic plants, in the process of refining and processing all the plants that have ever existed on Earth since the beginning of time. Scientists have concluded that it takes 3 tons of fresh green plants for Mother Nature to produce just one quart of concentrated fulvic acid.

The problem also lies in the fact that a huge amount of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are now used everywhere in agriculture, which lead to the death of soil microflora, beneficial microorganisms and worms, and without them humus cannot be formed, and therefore fulvic acid because of this, there are practically none in the land. Naturally, as a result of this, the food of a modern person is deprived of such a vital component.

The soil for growing agricultural crops is depleted all over the world. And only the vitality of mineral-rich ancient soils is still preserved in the deep layers of the earth in the form of humic substances, which are intended by nature for daily use by man throughout his life.

The developers of the Dana company have carefully selected fossil material obtained from unique relic deposits of leonardite, so that our drug has maximum advantages. Leonard is the final product of the humification process, the duration of which is 70 million years. The value of leonardite lies precisely in the high content of fulvic acids.