Online course
culinary art
for children

We start on March 5.
The course is designed for 2 months.
Groups of up to 15 children.
Individual classes.
Cooking for children
The online course is based on the experience and professional culinary skills of the author of the course. Both practicing young cooks and beginners can sign up for the course.
The specification of this course is that we cook exclusively from products of non-animal origin.
Our goal is not only to teach children to cook deliciously, but also to convey to them a love for the world around them.
Why will you like the course?
  • Easy learning at a time convenient for you. Our course is fully adapted to online learning.
  • Your child will learn to cook at least 25 dishes from different cuisines of the world. We open all recipes.
  • Communication with the teacher is always available. Ask questions about assignments or ask for feedback.
  • Each student will receive a course completion certificate with a chef's evaluation.
  • Your child will learn many new skills. Maybe her new hobby will become her life's work.
How your child will benefit
It is learned which basic items for cooking should always be at hand.
A variety of recipes will allow you to prepare delicious dishes from products that the child refused to eat.
Part of the home cooking can be entrusted to the child and thereby strengthen family unity.
The child gets acquainted with the range of vegetarian products and their preparation methods.
Beautiful presentation of food and experimentation with products.
Proper nutrition. Understanding why eating snacks and fast food is bad.
About the author of the course
Lesya Shpak
Chef and author of the course.
He has been cooking since he was 6 years old. The first teachers are mother and grandmother. The first dish is vermicelli soup.
She graduated from Burshtyn Technical College.
The first internships in the kindergarten and in the canteen. After that, work experience as a chef in Kyiv restaurants.
The next step was a culinary business with a German company.
For now, she decided to pass on her experience and instill a love for the kitchen not only to her grandson, but also to your children.
How is the training
You are sending an application
To do this, fill out the form
course registration.
We will contact you by messenger to confirm the recording.
Join your group
After the formation of the group, we will add you to the channel in Telegram, where there will be communication and where the links for the meeting will be sent.
You are starting your studies
During training, you can contact the curator of your group and communicate in a joint chat with those who are taking the course. To learn, you need to install the ZOOM program.
The final project
As a final project, you will make a special dish. The best works of students will be tasted by their families :)
Get recipes and tips
We will provide advice for future development in the culinary field. Systematize and send all recipes.
Cost of education
Individual lesson
from 10$ *

A good time to study.

We adapt recipes to individual needs.

The boss devotes all the time allocated to the lesson to one student.

*Depends on the dishes we will cook.

Sign up for the course
We start on March 5
Надсилаючі дані ви погоджуєтесь з тим що ваша дитина буде під наглядом дорослих або знає правила безпеки. Ваші дані ми будемо використовувати виключно для комунікації на курсі
If you have any questions, contact the curator by mail: or in Telegram